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Although you probably know that good nutrition is a vital part of health and wellness, you might not be clear on exactly how you can achieve optimal nutrition. Sridhar Chatrathi, MD, and the registered dietician nutritionist at HMS Aesthetics in Greenbelt, Maryland, can offer expert guidance and support towards improving your nutrition. Use the online booking tool or call to make your appointment today.

Nutrition Q & A

How do I know if my diet isn’t healthy?

One of the main signs that your diet isn’t healthy is extra weight, but it’s not the only indicator of poor eating habits. If you’re not getting the nutrition you need, you’re likely to feel chronically exhausted, have depressed moods, and generally feel unmotivated to get out and enjoy life. Fortunately, correcting your nutritional deficiencies can help you take control of your health, weight, and whole-body wellness again.

What kind of nutrition help is available?

The registered dietician nutritionist at HMS Aesthetics tailors your treatment to your particular needs and circumstances. Many patients need help with weight loss, and the nutrition specialist can enroll you in the medical weight loss program if that’s the case. 

Or, if you simply need to reprogram your eating habits to enjoy better whole-body health, the nutritionist designs a program for that. HMS Aesthetics customizes every program to the patient.

Can nutrition changes help with weight loss?

Changing the way you eat can reduce your weight and change your life. You might think you’re eating a healthy diet right now because you don’t eat large amounts all the time. But it’s about more than the quantity of food. 

Eating healthy is very much about food quality and making the right choices to nourish your body. Your certified nutrition specialist at HMS Aesthetics works with you so you can make long-term changes. You can learn how to lose weight quickly and then maintain ideal nutrition long-term.

What if changing nutrition and losing weight isn’t enough?

By following the customized medical weight loss and nutrition programs designed by the HMS Aesthetics specialists, you can lose weight and feel great. But, you might still be worried about fatty deposits around your waist, in your thighs, or elsewhere. No matter how diligent you are in your weight loss program, these areas can be hard to deal with. 

That’s why HMS Aesthetics offers body contouring with the CoolSculpting® system. With a quick 35-minute treatment session, you can reduce the fat in your trouble areas by as much as 25%, and there’s no downtime at all.

You shed the fat through regular waste removal processes over several months, leaving you with the slenderized and shaped body you want. And to maintain your results, you can continue seeing the nutritionist to avoid gaining any weight where fat cells remain.

Call HMS Aesthetics or book online to get help from the nutrition specialists today.